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In traditional acupuncture, hundreds of meridian points are stimulated with needles. Since these meridian points reside in all parts of the body, acupuncture is performed on almost every part of the body.
Whereas in Su-jok therapy, the principle healing method used is acupressure. Acupressure and acupuncture are two totally different methods of alternative healing. Also, applying acupressure on the hand or the feet can cure the ailments of different parts of the body. In Su-jok therapy various seeds are used to apply constant pressure on the particular points.
Pressing seeds—mustard, fenugreek, peppercorns, various pulses, over the relative point helps stimulate the master gland, according to the ancients.
The principle behind Su-jok therapy is that, there is a consistent stream of vitality in our body. This vitality in our body streams in an exceptionally, orderly and ignorant way. Su-jok goes for adjusting the imbalanced vitality in the body, the tissues, the cells, and the organs.
"Yoga is the journey of the self, to the self, Through the self."